Our own experience accumulated during these years together with the experience of HFiltration, of more than 40 years in the Industrial Air Filtration field, places us in an optimal situation oriented to protect the environment and its sustainability.
Modular filters for the elimination of dust, with high efficiency cartridges, and self-cleaning by compressed air
The Pulsatron Compact Atex have been studied and realized for applications in environments qualified Atex II3D using the collaboration of experts of the regulations with the use of software at the forefront in the project as Cosmos analysis finite elements and Solid Works3D.
Centrifugal and electrostatic filters for individual installation in CNC machines. Static filters for centralized treatment of mists and oil fumes for installations with multiple machines
Filters with self-cleaning bags using compressed air.
Wet and hydrodynamic filters for the elimination of dust, vapors and gases (presence of sparks, wet dust, etc.)
New range of vacuum tables, with and without built-in filtration, designed to ensure work areas free of contamination.
Filtering cartridges and cartridge cleaning device. PULS cartridges are usually supplied mounted on filters that incorporate a countercurrent compressed air cleaning system.
Cyclone dust separator PC-CYCLONE is a centrifugal pre-separator.
Gas washing tower that allows reducing the concentration of VOCs and / or dust in a gaseous stream.
High quality axial fans.

Air filtration and purification since 1999

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