Bag Compact

BAG COMPACT® bag filter. Filters with self-cleaning bags using compressed air

  • Emissions: ≤ 10 mg / m³s
  • Reduced noise: 68 ÷ 75 dBA. 
  • Reduced maintenance, thanks to an efficient compressed air backwashing system
  • Modularity of 18 to 108m2 of filtering surface
  • Flow rates from 800 m³ / h to 12,000 m³ / h with or without built-in fan


  • Dry machining on machine tools
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Elaboration of plastic materials
  • Grinding
  • Sandblasting
  • Emptying silos
  • Marble cut



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Realized Installations

Description and Operation

The wide range of Bag Compact® bag filters, modular and self-cleaning, is ideal for medium-light applications.
The contaminated air enters the bag filter through a prechamber that favors the separation of the thickest particles; then the flow passes through the bags, depositing the contaminant on the outside, while the clean air is discharged through the filter head.

An electronic cyclic frame deals with the cleaning of the sleeves with compressed air sequentially. The filter bags are delivered mounted on the filter with a system of washing with compressed air through a sequential cyclic frame.
The filtering materials can be: Polyester, Teflon-coated / water-repellent polyester, Anti-static polyester.

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