We offer environmental and air quality solutions, thanks to our technology and experience in the sector. Industrial facilities of large and medium flows. Our own experience accumulated during these years together with the experience of HFiltration, of more than 40 years in the field of air filtration in multiple industrial sectors, puts us in an optimal situation oriented to protect the environment and its sustainability.

01. History

HE FILTRATION ENGINEERING, S.L. started its activity in 1999 as a subsidiary of HASCON ENGINEERING. It is currently an engineering company, ‘partner’ of HFILTRATION.

02. Mission

Contribution to the sustainability of the Industrial Processes of our environment, minimizing and neutralizing the polluting emissions to the atmosphere in the most efficient way possible.

03. Vision

Consolidation of H.E. FILTRATION, S.L. as an efficient and preferred industrial ‘partner’ in the treatment of polluting emissions into the atmosphere.

04. Quality

A highly professional and committed human team, supported by our ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System ensure our services.

Air filtration and purification since 1999

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