Mist Compact

Static filter for MIST COMPACT® oil mists. Centralized static filter for oily mists.

  • Easy installation
  • Wide range of support frames
  • Optimization of maintenance and relative costs


    • Lathes
    • CNC Machine tools
    • [toolsdticon ico=”icon-miu-right150″][/dticon]Applications with Oil Presence



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Realized Installations

Description and Operation

The MIST COMPACT® oil mist filter is designed for centralized installations. It is a static filter to reduce oil mists composed of modular panels folded to pressure carbon steel and painted with epoxypolyester. The filter structure has a large inspection panel that facilitates all assembly and maintenance operations. The filtered oily part is taken to the collection containers with manual valve or, on request, by galvanized conduit in a single discharge.

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