Centrifugal filters for oily mists and electrostatic filters CLEANMIST®. The filter is composed of a body divided into two parts to facilitate maintenance operations.

  • Efficiency: up to 99%
  • Reduced noise: 65 ÷ 76 dBA depending on the model
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning rotor
  • Filter accessible in several parts to facilitate cleaning
  • Simple installation
  • Wide range of support frames
  • Processing oil recovery
  • Draining the oil in pressure
  • Fast delivery


    • Lathes
    • CNC Machine Tools CNC
    • Metal Washing Machines
    • Applications with Oil Presence



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Realized Installations

Description and Operation

The CLEANMIST® range includes a wide range of centrifugal filters for oil mists and electrostatic filters. The air contaminated by mists of oil or coolant goes to the interior of the centrifugal filter passing through the entrance mouth prepared with a network to prevent the aspiration of solid materials.

The presence of a conical diffuser guarantees the uniform distribution inside the rotor of the particles of mists and vapors that are centrifuged at high speed and pushed towards the filtering panels. When passing through the panels, the particles undergo a coalescence effect transforming into small droplets, drained successively to the outside by means of an appropriate discharge tube. The purified air is directed in this way towards the top of the centrifugal filter where it will be treated with a final cartridge or with the electrostatic filter FEF.

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